How to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed Bugs Found? Step 1: Breathe….! You’ve got this.

The thought of having to deal with bed bugs and the extermination process can be daunting and irritating. But there are many ways to get rid of bed bugs as long as you are knowledgeable about them and do your research. With the proper equipment and the right research and precautions, you will be able to tackle your bed bug infestation.

We put together a comprehensive bed bugs removal guide with all the important questions and answers that will help you get rid of bed bugs.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


They do this at night because it is easier to attack their prey. Us humans also release carbon dioxide in the air as we sleep and that is mainly what attracts bed bugs. These little night crawlers are notorious for causing itchiness and redness on your skin if you have the unfortunate experience of them biting you. Over time, there are very distinct signs to look out for when looking for bed bugs...

Common Places to Find Bed Bugs


Walls It is widely assumed that bed bugs are only found in and around the bed but actually, these pests are so small they have the ability to hide in places you wouldn’t think of. According to the, when looking for bed bugs in the wall, you should check every crack and even check your ceiling. Bed bugs are also very likely to be found in drawers, baseboards, and even inside or...

Bedroom treatments for bed bugs


There are two ways of getting rid of bed bugs, it’s either on your own or asking for help from a bed bugs exterminator. The below methods are DIY but have you ever asked yourself what are the best pest control methods to get rid of bed bugs? Although there may not be a mattress on the market that can completely prevent bed bugs from crawling under the covers with you, there are mattress...

How to prevent a bed bugs infestation from traveling and when home


Travelling can be dangerous if there are bed bugs involved. Preventing Bed Bugs While Travelling To ensure you have a safe and bed bug free trip, follow the steps below. Packing and unpacking is such a pivotal part of travelling to prevent bed bugs form crawling into your luggage and bags, especially if you will be flying. The Government of Canada’s website is a great resource for learning about...

What Not to Do When You Find Bed Bugs


We already discussed what to do when you find bed bugs in your home, but there are some things you shout NOT do when you have a bed bug infestation: Firstly, . Any problem can be solved, even this one. Bed bugs can be controlled and with the proper inspection, can turn out into the best plan for eliminating them. Do not attempt to kill them using any kind of gardening tools or general pesticides...

Symptoms of a Bed Bug Bite and Health Effects


Have you ever been bitten by a bed bug? We hope not and we hope you will never be. It can be a nuisance and extremely irritating, especially if you have more than one bite. Bed bug bites look like small red welts on the skin and can become very itchy. Usually, these bites are not harmful but, sometimes it can affect people negatively to the point where they have to visit a clinic. There are...

Bed bugs and birds, bunnies, rodents and reptiles


Bed bugs will snack on warm-blooded animals, including birds, but typically only if a human host isn’t readily available. Bed Bugs and Birds As per Penn State’s Entomology department’s bed bug fact sheet, All members of the bed bug family feed on the blood of birds or mammals. However, humans are the go-to choice for bed bugs to fuel up on blood-meal, they will seek a human host before settling...

Top Bed Bug Cities in the United States of America


Terminix compiled a list of the top cities with the highest reported bed bug infestations in 2018. Here are the top 25: Cleveland Philadelphia Los Angeles Indianapolis Cincinnati Dallas-Fort Worth New York Columbus, Ohio Houston, Texas Dayton, Ohio Louis Chicago Detroit Atlanta San Francisco Baltimore Tampa, Fla. Washington, D.C. Louisville, Ky Phoenix Nashville, TN Pittsburgh Memphis, TN Boston...

How Easily Do Bed Bugs Spread?


Very easily. Not only do the . Once they hatch, these nymphs are already on their way to growing into adults and feeding off of human blood. They also mate quickly and multiply, making it that much more difficult to completely rid them of our living environments. For example, you visit your local library and bring a book home with you. Without realizing it, you have brought home more than an...

Bed Bugs DYI Removal


Bed bugs resilience only makes it more difficult for us to find better and more efficient ways to kill them. However we put together a comprehensive guide on how to remove bed bugs to help you figure it out what works and what not. How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently Getting rid of bed bugs permanently is a difficult task. Although there are many ways to get rid of bed bugs, here are some to...

How to get rid of bed bugs