How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs vs mosquito and fleas


Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs do not transmit disease. This is not to say that their bites will not cause harm to the host. Bed bugs can cause severe allergic reactions for some people, where they will find themselves intensely scratching leading to skin infections.

If a bed bug happens to bite you, do not panic. Remember to use the suggested home remedies on your bite and if the swelling or itching becomes worse, or you seem to be having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately.

In terms of getting rid of bed bugs or an infestation in your home, there are products you can use listed above, as long as they are approved by Health Canada and are a registered chemical product, Otherwise, it is recommended to seek out a pest professional to investigate the issue and consult with you on the most effective extermination method.

Do not worry about your pets getting bitten by bed bugs, it is very rare that it will happen seeing as how they prefer human blood over anything else.

Always remember to inspect any room and look for signs of an infestation so you can sleep tight and definitely don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Bed Bug Bites Versus Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are insects that are well known for how itchy they can make our skin. These long legged, bloodsucking insects are typically found near damp areas. This is where they will typically nest and lay their 100 to 400 eggs. Ideally, they prefer to live in temperatures between 22° and 27 ° C.

Mosquito bites will start to appear puffy white, like a reddish bump. This will usually last a day but if not treated and scratched often, the blister will not disappear as quickly.

Mosquito bite symptoms include:

  • Moderate pain
  • Irritation
  • Itching
  • A large red or pink mark
  • Alternatively, the symptoms for bed bug bites includes:
  • Red bumps
  • Inflammation
  • Red blotches
  • Itchiness
  • Burning sensations
  • Generally painless

Mosquito bites will typically clear up after a day or so whereas the bed bug bite may last for a few days to a couple of weeks. Mosquitoes will aim for any unprotected body part such as faces, legs, arms, neck etc). With bed bugs, people will not immediately notice when they’ve been bitten since they were most likely asleep when it occurred. Mosquitoes will attack if you’re awake or asleep – those sly insects! Bed bugs are clustered and their bite pattern is a nit more distinctive being in a linear or circular pattern. Bed bugs will bite the face, neck, chest, back, arms, legs and crotch area.

One study says that the majority of 72% of people who tested for bed bug bites reported itchy red blisters and the other 28% said they were itchy but no sign of a blister. Bed bug bite itchiness can range from mild to severe depending on how the human host body reacts. You can usually tell if it’s a bed bug bite if you noticed a reddish, rusty color stain, that means the bed bug left blood stains and you must’ve just squished it while you were sleeping.

Characteristics of the Bites

Both bed bugs and mosquitoes are both attracted to blood and will feed on any human. However, if a bed bug has fed on a sleeping human, it is unlikely they will bite the sleeping person next to them. Bed bugs, fortunately, are not a known carrier to transmit disease to people or animals. If not cleaned, either bug bite will become infected. Ensure you are taking the proper care.

Mosquitos Bites Treatment

Using over the counter medicine to treat the bites will suffice. Things like Cutter use Picaridin. The EPA has proven these products to be effective at repelling mosquitos far from humans, Another repellent used for mosquitos is lemon eucalyptus, a natural oil. This is a safe alternative.

If you’ve been bitten, it’s advised to use an antihistamine cream, like Antisan. Apply on the affected area until it disappears. This will reduce inflammation and the itching caused by these pests.

Bed Bug Bites Versus Flea Bites

Fleas are commonly found on our pets, mostly cats and dogs. Fleas can also be found on other animals, sucking their blood through their skin. It’s important to remember that when a flea bites you do not scratch it as it can only make it worse. It will only increase the itching causing irritability.

Once bitten by a flea, you will see a small cluster of dots on your skin. Flea bites are strikingly similar to mosquito bites except fleas don’t have a particularly favorite body part that they like to feed on. Hey will go anywhere they can at random. But, of course, they’ll go where it’s easiest – legs and ankles.

Yes, flea bites can lead to mild to severe allergic ructions causing swelling if not treated early.

Bed Bug Bites Flea Bites
Red, Swollen Dot Clusters
Itchy Very Itchy
Cover Any Body Part Located Mainly on Legs and Ankles
Transform into Blisters Scratching Causes Infection
Inflamed and Blister Over time White ‘Halo’ Shape Around Infected Area
No Rash Rash

Health Risks

Aside from being an incredible annoyance and strong scratch factor, these bugs generally don’t cause immense allergic reactions. They can, however, carry diseases like tapeworms, typhoid, and the plague but none of these are common anymore in the Americas.

The only dangerous effect of a flea bite is if it bites your pet cat, and your cat decides to scratch you, you could possibly get a sore throat, loss of appetite, swollen lympth nodes and headaches. Symptoms can become more serious if not treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. But, this is only one instance with a pet that can harm a human.


The best treatment for these bites are any Calamine lotion to soothe the bite. Put a cold compress on the affected area as well in order to reduce itching and inflammation. Do not scratch any open blister or you could become more susceptible to secondary infection. Mixing water and baking soda is another homemade remedy you can use. Leave it on the affected area for an hour then clean it with warm water. Don’t forget to treat any bug bite as soon as possible.

The worst part about flea bites and bed bug bites is finding and eliminating the source. Bed bugs can be found anyone instead of just a single place. Fleas have a spot where they usually nest so it would be easier to get rid of most of them at the same time.

Read our guide to get rid of bed bugs if you got an infestation. Contains all the common questions and answers people with bed bugs ask. It helped hundreds and we hope it will be of help for yourself as well.

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How to get rid of bed bugs