How to get rid of bed bugs

What Not to Do When You Find Bed Bugs


We already discussed what to do when you find bed bugs in your home, but there are some things you shout NOT do when you have a bed bug infestation:

  1. Firstly, do not panic. Any problem can be solved, even this one. Bed bugs can be controlled and with the proper inspection, can turn out into the best plan for eliminating them. Do not attempt to kill them using any kind of gardening tools or general pesticides that may be in your garage as those are not meant to treat bed bugs and can be a health risk if used indoors.
  2. Do not try to create a formula from homemade substances to attempt getting rid of them as some can be dangerous or make the problem worse than it already is. Never apply a pesticide directly on your skin as this can cause infection, allergic reaction, or any other health risk.
  3. Do not use kerosene or gasoline
    as they can cause fires.
    Instead of throwing away your infested furniture, as it can cause them to spread, get it inspected first and treated. Throwing away all of your furniture is unnecessary.
  4. It is encouraged to not hide or store items underneath your bed as this amounts to clutter where bed bugs love to hide. Do not transfer items from one room to the next frequently in case the item is infested, it will spread to the other room as well. If you are planning on killing the bed bugs with heat, do not place the items in a black plastic bag because it will not reach the ideal temperature to kill them. Instead, put the items in a clear, bag where the sun rays will easily seep through and kill them.

If you’ve got a bed bugs infestation read our bed bugs removal guide which has the answers to common important questions other people are asking.

By Thomas
How to get rid of bed bugs