Bed Bugs


The question that everyone asks if they have ever had the unfortunate luck of dealing with bed bugs: “How do I prevent bed bugs and are there home remedies I can use to get rid of them?” Yes, there are many steps you can take to prevent these pests from entering your home but, not all of your home remedies will have a massive effect on getting rid of these bloodsuckers. In this section, we will discuss prevention methods, products, and the home remedies that you may have found on the internet and are curious if they actually work or, are they just a hoax.

Preventing Bed Bugs Spreading to Other Rooms

Here are some helpful tips for preventing bed bugs from spreading to other rooms in your home:
  • Do not move items back and forth from room to room without giving them a thorough check. Most people do not know that bed bugs can easily hid ein books and pictures frames because of their small and flat bodies
  • Do not leave your garments on the floor as bed bugs can easily roam around and find their way inside of them. Especially your darker clothes will be more likely to become a home for these pests. Even though bed bugs cannot live on your clothes and it is not their ideal environment, it is still not safe to do so. Even when travelling, do not leave them laying around.
  • Moving clutter from one room to the next can be dangerous as bed bugs absolutely love the clutter and find their best hiding spots in the pile of clutter that you may have made
  • Do not move around your furniture before giving it a thorough inspection and cleaning it well.
  • Do not treat bed bugs on your own as this can be unsafe for you and your family, including pets. Call pest control and they will handle the situation at the professional level
  • Do not panic if you find a bed bug or find an infestation
Do use encasements for your bedding as this can be one of the best options for preventing bed bugs and keeping you safe while you sleep

Preventing Bed Bugs in Common Spaces

Preventing bed bugs is a challenging task and probably one of the most difficult things to do as these little bugs are so resilient to practically everything. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent bed bugs in your common spaces.

  • Remove all clutter
  • Repair any broken baseboards, tearing wallpaper, and tighten nay loose electrical faceplates as these are primary locations and hiding places
  • Always vacuum weekly, under the bed, behind the bed, and anywhere around any bedding area including the furniture close to it
  • Inspect every entry point on walls if you share it with a neighbour
  • Seal any and all cracks in walls, windows, door frames, ceilings, furniture, and between baseboards

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Biting

Wear long sleeves and pants, and socks to bed. If you cover as much skin as possible. If there is any exposed skin.


Always clean up every space in your home so there is no clutter, or else you will be giving these bed bugs extra hiding spots. Always examine any object that you are bringing home just in case it has a bed bug attached to it.


Using mattress encasements will keep bed bugs out and keep the ones already there, in. These encasements were made to help protect against the bloodsucking pests and help you get a good night’s sleep. These encasements were also designed with hypoallergenic material with those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

Preventing Bed Bugs While Travelling

Travelling can be dangerous if there are bed bugs involved. To ensure you have a safe and bed bug free trip, follow the steps below. Packings and unpacking is such a pivotal part of travelling to prevent bed bugs form crawling into your luggage and bags, especially if you will be flying. The Government of Canada’s website is a great resource for learning about bed bugs and gives informative tips on preventing bed bugs.