How to get rid of bed bugs

Cost of Bed Bug Treatment: Pest Management Specialists


The cost of professional treatment for bed bugs in your home depends on varying factors; extent of the infestation, location and size of the home, and treatment choice are the greatest determinations of cost. Understanding how these factors affect the ultimate cost of treatment when hiring a pest-control company can help a homeowner choose what the best route for them is.

Infestation Size

The severity of a bed bug infestation largely determines the cost of treating an infestation. Simply put, when more bugs are present,   more work is required. According to, in 2019 homeowners should expect to pay $200 – $300 per room to treat a moderate infestation. A heavy infestation will run higher, at about $300 – $400 per room or up to $5,000, this if you don’t live in a 5,000 sqft mansion, case in which you shouldn’t be exposed to bed bugs that easily but what do we know. Understandably so, as the more significant the outbreak, the more effort, supplies, and time is required to combat the tiny vampires. In residences where bed bugs are suspected to be in one room, the cost of treatment will be less than in a home where multiple rooms are infested. Additionally, the more items in an infested area requiring inspection and treatment will increase costs too. Basically, it comes down to the amount of square footage and surface area that needs to be explored, and the number of bugs staking a claim of the residence.


Location of residence is another factor, especially with professional treatments. Where you live in North America will affect the cost charged by pest-management companies; often locations with higher rates of bed bug infestations charge more for their services. found:

homeowners in cities that have more rampant infestations could pay three times more than others

Those living in cities with high bed bug infestation rates – New York City, Washington DC, or Dallas TX  are likely paying much higher than average prices for pest management services.

Treatment Choices and Projected Costs for 2019

Costs of treatment for bed bugs, in the United States, by treatment choice, range on average between $1 – $8 per square foot; or about $100 – $1000 per room.

Treatment options included in those numbers are fumigation, heat treatment, chemicals/pesticides, and steam.

Heat Treatment uses high temperatures to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. A heating machine is used to blow hot air into the infected area, increasing the temperature to 50C/122F, the temperature at which bed bugs and their eggs will die immediately. The average cost of heat remediation is $1 to $3 per square foot, or $300 – $900 per room.

Fumigation treats an entire home, or complex building if needed, by pumping the gas Sulfuryl Fluoride into the enclosed home for a number of days. The building needs to be vacated until it has been deemed safe to return to by professionals. The average cost of fumigation is $5000 – $50 000 per home.

Chemical applications, which runs about $100 – $500 in cost per room, is the physical application of chemicals/pesticides to infested areas. Both sprays and powders may be used, as determined by the homeowner and their preferred pest-management team. It is often the least expensive treatment option.

Steam Treatments use steam cleaners to treat homes by exposing bed bug infestations to extreme temperatures (100C), in the form of steam. Belongings that can withstand exposure to such high temperatures can be treated as well. The approximate costs of steam treatment are between $250 – $1000 per room. Bed bug eggs are killed with this method too.

Summary: Bed bug treatment options offered by professionals

Average Cost
$300 – $900 per room

  • Kills bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Suitable for mild to moderately sized infestations.


  • May not reach all bugs if deeply hidden.
  • Can start fires.

Average Cost
$5000 – $50000 per home + cost of vacating the building

  • Kills all bug and eggs.Safe for pets.
  • Only one treatment needed.
  • No chemical residue afterward.
  • Safe for all belongings.
  • Ideal for severe infestations in multi-family dwellings.


  • Most expensive option.
  • Occupants must vacate for up to several days.
  • Employs a greenhouse gas.

Average Cost
$100 – $500 per room

  • Cost Effective.
  • Will work well on bed bugs not resistant to pesticides.


  • Won’t kill pesticide resistant strains.
  • Some chemicals leave residue that can be harmful to people and pets.

Average Cost
$250 – $1000 per room

  • Kills all bed bugs and eggs.
  • Reaches deeper than thermal remediation.
  • Safe for most belongings.


  • Cost and time.
  • Can damage belongings not able to withstand high temperatures.

Hiring a professional to ensure the bed bugs don’t bite, and so you can sleep tight, is a costly solution to an unwanted problem. It may be worth the expense, however, as many pest management companies provide 30 – 90 day bed bug free guarantees. Once you’ve experienced disruptions to your home life caused by bed bug activity, having professionally sponsored bed bug free time may be worth all the coins you’ve dropped.

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How to get rid of bed bugs